Northwoods Store 1937

Northwoods Store 1937

A photo of the new Midway Garage,  built by Elmer Titus about 1936, when todays Hwy 51 was re-routed to the West of the old hwy., today's  Lakewood Road.  He rebuilt to be on the busy Hwy. 51 again, which was not paved at this point until 1940.  This structure stood where today's Northwoods Store sits.  Living quarters were built above the garage, gas station and store.  It also served as the areas tourist information center.  Elmer's wife Sylvia helped him run the business, that also included 5 pr 6 tourist cabins.  One of these cabins still exists across Hwy K, to the South on the hill.

Elmer also served as the towns constable at this time, and helped many people keep their cars running during the depression years,  helping everyone he could according to many accounts.

This building burned down about 1960, after it was purchased by Josephine Bach.  It was re-built and purchased by the Duchow Family in 1965,  who remodeled and  ran it  until the LaMont Henry Family purchased it. They are running it today.

Another business near that intersection, was  the Hitching Post Bar, owned by Eleven Brown, and South on Hwy 51, the Whispering Pines store and gas station run by Erv Lee.

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