Josie Ryan Boathouse Goodnow

Josie Ryan Boathouse Goodnow

Sometimes called the Goodnow Ark, this boat-like structure once stood across the Railroad tracks from the Goodnow Store and Tavern,  over the bank of the Bearskin Creek, and on the West side of today's Lakewood Road. It was somewhat of a tourist attraction.

Josie Ryan (pictured)  and her husband Bill, built it about 1925.  The upstairs served as living quarters,  and the downstairs, at various times,  a souvenior and bait shop.  Reportedly,  the Ryans had an organ upstairs that could be heard summer evenings,  which was removed before the structure was burned and removed by Frank Erlitz, during the 1950's. Bill Ryan reportedly,  liked to sit on his upper deck and watch the tourists and trains go by.

Supposedly the organ still survives in the stone Wagner House on Goodnow Rd.



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