Elmer Titus Snowmobile 1928

Elmer Titus Snowmobile 1928

Elmer Titus's homemade snow mobile,  with wife Sylvia about 1928.  The machine was propeller driven, and sported an airplane engine.  In 1920, the couple moved from Iowa, to homestead 40 Acres in Cassian, South of Swamp Lake Road.  They later built the First Midway Garage in 1932, at the intersection of todays Hwy K and Lakewood Road, originally Hwy 51 and 14  .  When  Hwy 51 was re-routed in 1936/7, they built the second one on the site of today's Northwoods Store,  at the intersection of the new Hwy 51 and and today's Hwy K.  Notice the lack of trees along Hwy 14, (K) in Harsahw at that time.

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